The Convent – Part IV

The final part of The Convent was on last night, and the guests were made aware of the ripples that their actions can cause.

It was a lesson in love. Love that includes everyone, or love that excludes others, even if unintentional; love that doesn’t judge, love that forgives, love that at the end of the day allows people, whoever they are, wherever they are, to live together in harmony.

As Sister Angela the Abbess said at the end of last nights programme – “They have become more in touch with themselves and not trapped in this culture were you are more valued for what you have rather than for who you are, and I think each of them has discovered that path of living … it’s the love that really does it in the end … if you can be there be more there for other people then you become more in touch with your best and deepest self…”

Gradually they seemed to understand, I wish them luck and hope the things they learnt they will take with them back into the lives they left behind.

I hope they do a follow up programme.


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