I finally got around to finish reading Ascension Day after having it sitting on a book shelf for several years. I go through patches when I read a lot then don’t read at all for a while. One so-so book can put me off as I tend to try and struggle along and get it finished and then when I do, I see reading as a chore instead of a joy and give it a miss for a while.

Now I have the reading bug again so I will get through some of the things that I haven’t read in a while, books that have been sitting around unread and no doubt I will also wander into Borders and surf through Amazon. I have however already decided what will be first in line – A Monk Swimming by Malachy McCourt.

I bought it in Dublin when I was there on my own about three years ago. Lovely city, great people and some fantastic history. They have a museum of writers and after spending a morning in it one day I went and bought Ulysses to read, in the sun of one of their many parks, at the same time I also bought A Monk Swimming for some light relief. Never got around to it though, not only was Ulysses a big fat book which needed a lot of reading, but it wasn’t eventually finished until after I got back home and even then at about the about the 12th time of trying. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy Ulysses, I just kept losing the plot with it and had to keep starting right back at the beginning again, consequently A Monk Swimming, swam on to the bookshelf and (apart from during the move) hasn’t swam back off again, only hope that he hasn’t drowned in the wait!


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