Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle sits right on the edge of the North Sea looking out towards Holy Isle, it tells the story of castles so well and also makes me think.  That ancient, revered historian Bede first described Bamburgh as being fortified by a hedge and then by a timber palisade. That can’t be seen any longer but there is the old keep castle and then as the centuries past the newer (and modern for the time) sections can be clearly seen.





As I said it makes me think. If they wanted to add to that Castle today all the heritage guys would round the place like the black death telling them they couldn’t add anything that wasn’t in keeping with what was already there. But what is already there? A Mismatch of different styles and centuries. I think that only adds to it’s charm and character and in a strange sense it would be very fitting if it was added to in a style for this time, yes it would need to be well done, but maybe, just maybe in a couple of hundred years time, visitors would go and marvel at that and be thankful that people of this time added to the history that the Castle continues to tell. Just a thought!

By the way – Parts of it can are rented out so you could live there, but, shortest period of time is a year, and apparently it is a case of if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it.


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