House Guest Day #2

Eldest student didn’t believe me at first about Angus and then decided that it was finally time to search out a nursing home for me. Apparently looking after a rabbit for two weeks makes me senile! Being senile we decided to go out and watch a kids film – Over the Hedge – good laugh and thankfully not too many children making noises and ruining it for us!

That left the eldest to tell the youngest student when she arrived home. She of course didn’t believe him till she saw Angus face to face and then there was the: ‘it isn’t fair’ torrent as she had always wanted a rabbit but I hadn’t allowed it – well to be more accurate her asthma hadn’t allowed it.

I wonder what the reaction will be when I get the kittens I have always wanted?

As for Angus he seems to be taking it all in his stride … bound … leap … hop, that’s it hop.

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