The Convent – Part III

What a difference a visit form the family makes!

Last night was full of revelations, some of them big some of them gradual.
I must admit I was very disappointed at one stage when it looked like there was going to be a mutiny. “Why are you there then?” I was screaming at the TV. The only one at that point who was prepared to make any kind of effort was the one who is scared of God. But after they had visits from their families they started to see things in a different light.

That along with the fact that the nuns are prepared to be so honest with their guests is finally making an impact on them. Even the confirmed atheist seems to be prepared to acknowledge that there could be a God, although she isn’t so sure about organised religion – but she isn’t alone in that!

The biggest change last night was with the evangelical, after her brother’s visit which had included a comment about his surprise that she was up before noon. She has now decided to attend the 5:45am prayers!

p.s. I do find it ironic that it seems to be the workaholic who is now the only one who isn’t prepared to work at it!


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